Mumbai, the City of Experiences

Mumbai is the financial capital and the most populous city in India. It is the capital of the state of Maharashtra and home to 20 million people. Mumbai's diversity and vibrancy display the city's true personality. Along with the neighboring urban areas of Thane and Navi Mumbai, this city forms one of the most heavily populated regions in Asia. With its diverse set of people, Mumbai is also the home ground for many reputed enterprises and organizations.

Formerly known as Bombay, the name of the city is derived from the Hindu Goddess Mumbadevi. Mumbai is an archipelago of seven islands. Its rich history can be experienced through its architecture and the relics of the past. This global city is ever-evolving and welcoming.

Mumbai offers a wide choice of attractions for tourists that they should definitely not miss while visiting the city. This city with its intrinsic charm delights each kind of tourist- whether a foodie, a shopaholic or a history enthusiast.

For the Foodies

Mumbai is truly a global city when it comes to food. This city offers you almost all Indian cuisines and a variety of international cuisines. Starting from the authentic local cuisines to the street food, Mumbai's culinary art will surprise and delight your taste buds. As the city is a home to various communities originating from all parts of the country, it has grown to accommodate different cuisines and tastes. Being a metropolitan city with immense exposure to global cultures and lifestyles, it has also welcomed the international elements and flavours to its platter.

Finding a restaurant in Mumbai isn't a difficult task and there are certain local cuisines which every tourist must experience. Be assured that one will be spoilt for choice while trying to choose what to eat in this gourmet city. If the search is for authentic international cuisines, it is recommended one does some research before picking one restaurant. If one wants to try some local cuisines, here are some recommendations:

Maharashtrian Cuisine

Being in the capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai is one city that offers local cuisines from all parts of the state. This cuisine ranges from being mildly spiced to very highly spiced. As located in the coastal part, sea food cooked in Konkani style is a must try. Even within the Marathi cuisine there are different kinds of curries and other preparations, offering a good variety. Some of the famous dishes are puran poli, modak and bhakri. A few commonly found snacks are pohay, misal pav, batata vada and kanda bhaji.

Street Food

A trip to Mumbai is incomplete without a street food experience. This fast city has come up with many variants to fulfill the need of a quick meal or a snack. These food items are commonly available and consumed widely. Chaat dishes like sev puri, bhel puri and pani puri are some of the favourite options amongst the people of Mumbai. Other quick bites include pav bhajji, vada pav and sandwich which are available across the city.

Udipi Experience

This chain of restaurants serves authentic South Indian delicacies. They serve a wide variety of fast food, Indian cuisines and Chinese. These restaurants are ideal for quick bites.

Gujarati and Rajasthani Thalis

A complete meal served in a traditional style is called a thali. These meals offer a unique experience as through a meal one can enjoy and experience all flavours of a particular cuisine. While thalis are available in any cuisine, Rajasthani and Gujarati thalis are most popular. Do pick a good restaurant to experience this exceptional concept.

Punjabi & Mughlai Cuisines

Though not a local cuisine, a lot of restaurants in the city offer this style food. Walk into one of such restaurants to try these cuisines and you can experience the authentic taste. Delicious and exotic, these cuisines are an integral part of eating out in Mumbai.

Irani Cafes

These historic Persian style cafes can be spotted mainly in South Mumbai. Mostly located at street corners, these cafes offer the perfect ambience for lazy afternoon of reading and tea. Some of these cafes will also offer you a chance to experience Parsi cuisine. These cafes are still a favourite amongst the people of Mumbai for a simple break of bun and maska (bread and butter) or some quick bites.

Night Life

Mumbai has vibrant and active night life. Bars, pubs, lounges and discotheques are plentiful and easy to find. Night clubs and pubs are the best places to unwind after a long day of sightseeing. These places present exceptional music, food and drinks. Tourists can also experience entertainment like stand up comedy, live music and innovative events on a daily basis. Liberal and open minded Mumbai ensures that all its people and tourists have a great time here.

Helpful Phrases 

English Hindi
Hello/ Goodbye Namaste
Can you help me? Kya Aap Meri Madad Kar Sakte (Male) / Sakti (Female) Ho?
Good Morning Su-Pra-Bhaa't
Good Evening Shubh-Sun-Dhyaa
Good Night Shubh Raat-Ri
Please Kripya
How are you? Aap Kaisey Hain?
I am fine Mein Theek Hoon
Okay Thik Hai
Yes Haan
No Nahi
Where Kahaan?
How much does this cost? Yeh Kitne Ka Hai ?
How many? Kitne?
Sorry Maf Kijiye
Thank you Dhanyavad
I don't know Mujhey Nahi Maloom
Do you speak English? Kya Ap Angrezi Bolte/Bolti (M/F) Hain
Airport Havai Adda
Luggage Samaan
Food Khana
What is your name? Ap Ka Nam Kya Hai?
It was nice to meet you Ap Se Milkar Bahut Khusi Hui
Left Bayen
Right Dayen

English to Hindi Numbers

English Hindi
One Ek
Two Do
Three Teen
Four Char
Five Paanch
Six Cheh
Seven Saat
Eight Aath
Nine Nao
Ten Dus
One Hundred Ek Sau
One Thousand Ek Hazaar
Hundred Thousand Ek Lakh
One Million Das Lakh
Ten Million Ek Crore